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You wish to provide your sales rep with qualified meetings? 

Specialized in B2B lead generation, Lalaleads speeds up  SME’s, MMC & start-ups’s business development building on business and marketing actions. 


LegalPlace in legal digitalization in France chose Lalaleads to generate its qualified leads. 

meetings generated within 2 months
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Potential ROI

The Lala recipe

Because a good commercial action needs to be precise, we source for you, the most qualified leads. (size, sector, technology, profile, position) 

With more than 150 campaigns & a regular business watch, we adapt your commercial cycles to maximize their desirability and optimize generated opportunities. 

From copywriting thinking to lead magnet set up (calculator, simulator, webinar, meeting etc) We guide you in a commercial cycle creator which brings value to your clients. 

A multichannel approach 

At Lala, we multiply your chances to convert by combining the power of digital lead generation channels (e-mails, linked’in, social media…) human actions (telephone calls, vocal messages) and omnipresent marketing (online ads, social selling). Everything is done so you can be visible without overstretching your leads. 

ROI driven vision

Each of the actions that we take are driven towards lead generation.  Our campaigns are tracked, followed and optimized thanks to a daily basis project focused approach in order to always improve your commercial actions’ return on investment. 

The Lala PLUS 

A growth sales vision – we prototype, we test, we launch on large scale, the solutions and methods to optimize your commercial ROI. 

Lalamatch : When lead generation becomes as simple as swiping 

We define together the criteria of your target’ selection, as well as the messages and the commercial cycles. This way, we deliver each month, the data basis to validate on Lalamatch. 
Lanch your multichannel commercial cycles with just a swipe as never been this easy. 

Skyrocket : The hyper customization approach 

Each of us have received tons of commercial emails which refer to a very basic website

From an email to a landing page, through linked’in, get your prospects an ultra personalized experience with your brand ! 

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